• We booked every hotel/apartment the same day online
  • It never was a problem to find an accommodation
  • Rooms are affordable, Petersberg offered 5 star luxury for 3 star cost
  • Hotels might close already at 8 pm, call early
  • Hotels and especially cabins might have no restaurant and the next place to eat could be an hour away, have some canned food and cookies with you

Roads and car:

  • A lot of snow and ice
  • Conditions can change within seconds and with pure ice just around the corner
  • Spikes do make sense and are common (from Sweden to the Baltics)
  • 4-wheel makes sense
  • Small bluetooth speaker is great for music and audio books


  • Be prepared for a wide range of temperature, you might have +15 C in Hamburg,
    0 C on the Lofoten Islands and -30 C somewhere in Finland
  • A warm fur hat makes a lot of sense (especially with my hairstyle)
  • Lined warm trousers are great
  • We never needed our super warm gloves
  • The super warm boots were needed only a few times, but good to have
  • Our super warm jacket was great
  • As long as you plan no extensive outdoor activity, you don’t need to much warm stuff, but keep in mind that your car might break down … for that reason we had as well polar sleeping bags

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